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Lachlan Feeney is the Founder and CEO of Labrys – Australia’s largest provider of blockchain development and consulting services. Lachlan founded Labrys at the age of 19. He was an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and immediately realised the potential to build a better, more decentralised future, with the technology. Labrys has worked with ASX listed Downer EDI, Swell Network, Cloud9, Fjord Foundry and The Government of the Solomon Islands among others. Lachlan is on a mission to turn Labrys into a global blockchain-consulting authority as the technology moves further into the mainstream. In addition to his work with Labrys, Lachlan has lectured and taught at the Queensland University of Technology and co-authored The Handbook of Board Governance (2nd Edition).

Posts by Lachlan Feeney

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