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The internet is evolving into an open & permissionless value super-highway with blockchain & decentralisation. A paradigm shift in power from centralised entities to users is underway. Labrys is committed to driving the adoption of self-empowering tech. Committed to shaping the NEW WORLD.

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Since 2017


Since 2017

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Our Mission

Shaping the NEW WORLD through blockchain & Web3 innovation

We believe in the world-changing promise of decentralised technologies and partner with project teams from across the globe to accelerate adoption.

Industry Partners

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Valued Clients

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Our Service

End-to-end Web3 product design, development & deployment

Across any industry vertical, our specialised project squads can scope requirements, architect systems, design the UI/UX, build and ship your product.

What you get

full project squad

Elevate your product delivery to the next level with a dedicated, multi-skilled team at your fingertips.

Project Manager

Web3 Business Analyst

UI/UX Designer

Solution Architect

Blockchain Engineer

Full Stack Engineer

crypto native team

Your squad is made up of talented individuals who are also power users of Web3 products & protocols, experienced across the entire Web3 stack.

Protocol Stakers

Token Swappers, Lenders & Borrowers

Liquidity Provisioners

NFT Minters & Exchangers

DAO Contributors & Voters

dApp Experimenters

Delivered your way

Unleash the power of a dedicated team at your disposal. Our goal is to empower you to hit your goals.

Utilise your squad to:

Extend your development team

Bootstrap your initial release

Accelerate your roadmap

Outpace the competition

Meet deadlines

Deliver sooner

Your dedicated crypto-native team is thrilled to build products they can't wait to use.

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On-shore Developers

Serving Global Clients

Our specialised project squads will scope your requirements, architect new systems, design user interfaces & experiences, write & test code and ship your product - all from under one proud roof.

Brisbane, Australia

Delivering each milestone

No matter your budget, timeline, or needs, we'll craft a custom development package that fits seamlessly into your Web3 project journey and propels you towards success.


Proof of concept

Demonstrate the feasibility or potential value of your idea or approach to validate it before committing significant resources to its development.

Suitable for early-stage and self-funded teams

Ultra low cost entry to validate product concept

Use as a tool to secure venture funding, or demonstrate product value to stakeholders

Typical delivery time

2-6 weeks


Minimum viable product

A cost-effective way to validate market demand and gather feedback on your product or service, it's a great way to showcase your value proposition to target customers and improve chances of success

Suitable for teams with seed funding, ready to launch their first live product

Low cost strategy for quickly bringing a product to market

Establish a foundation for future feature iterations

Typical delivery time

8-16 weeks


live/release version

The production version is the final, fully tested and functional version of the product that is released for live use at scale. It's undergone extensive testing and is supported by the developers for bugs and updates.

Suitable for teams with sufficient funding, ready to scale up

Deploy robust, industry-leading software

Required for existing production systems rolling out additional features

Typical delivery time

16+ weeks

Across Any Stage

We don't just code, we're a one-stop-shop fro product development! From consulting on direction, to running workshops, designing interfaces, and architecting solutions - we've got you covered.



Collaborate with our Web3 specialists to brainstorm and develop your product ideas.

ui/ux design

ui/ux design

Constructing beautiful interfaces and intuitive experience for your users



Engage our experts for advice on decentralised technology,Web3 products and blockchain



Designing optimal and innovative system structures to underpin your product



Writing, testing and polishing every single line of code in your product

Using The Latest Technologies

Our development services are platform, language and protocol agnostic - we build where your users are

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