From token swaps and lending to bridging and NFT markets, our development expertise covers all aspects of on-chain interactions and integrations into your product. We can help add your brick to the growing DeFi lego stack!

Token Swaps

Harness the power of decentralised exchanges (DEXs) with our expert token swap integration services. Whether you're building a dApp tapping into the liquidity of Uniswap or integrating custom swap functionality into your product, we ensure secure and efficient transactions.

Forget centralised order books – onchain solutions put users in control of their assets and trades, maximising transparency and minimising reliance on third-parties. Experience the world of DeFi at its best with robust token swap capabilities in your application.

Lending & Borrowing

Tap into the potential of DeFi-powered lending and borrowing. We seamlessly integrate leading protocols like Aave into your app, allowing users to earn enticing on-chain yield by lending assets or access liquidity through collateralised borrowing. From stablecoin strategies to exploring yield optimisation avenues, we'll create intuitive experiences for interacting with these DeFi protocols.

Expand your platform's capabilities and provide a gateway to lucrative opportunities within the decentralised finance ecosystem.

Bridging Between Blockchains

Unlock new possibilities beyond your native blockchain by harnessing the power of crypto bridges in innovative ways. Our expertise lies in strategically integrating with secure, established bridges and bridging technology, opening doors to cross-chain asset transfers, protocol interactions, and untapped markets. Want to offer multi-chain swaps? Enable NFT migrations? We'll find the most advantageous bridge solutions and seamlessly weave them into your platform, maximising opportunities in the interconnected Web3 landscape.

Cross-Chain Transactions

Shatter blockchain limitations and enable truly borderless applications with new an innovative cross-chain technologies, such as Chainlink's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) and LayerZero’s interoperability protocol. Labrys leverages these technologies to implement secure and reliable cross-chain transactions.

Our deep understanding of cross-chain development and integration ensures robust interactions between various blockchains, extending your app's reach and capabilities. From decentralised data feeds to cross-chain asset transfers, unlock the multi-chain future and deliver on the true promise of decentralisation.

Decentralised Social Media

Embrace the SocialFi revolution! We specialise in creating groundbreaking social media experiences built directly on the blockchain. Think user-owned content, verifiable social graphs, and the potential for tokenised reward systems. Whether you're exploring cutting-edge protocols like Farcaster or integrating novel features through Lens Protocol, we'll architect on-chain social interactions that redefine engagement and data ownership.

Yield Generation

Put your assets to work with our sophisticated yield generation expertise. We'll strategically integrate your platform with established DeFi protocols to empower users to explore a range of yield-bearing opportunities.

From automated market makers (AMMs) to intricate yield optimisation strategies through staking, farming and liquidity provisioning, we'll tailor a solution that seamlessly weaves decentralised earning potential into your user experience. Maximise the power of DeFi yield and deliver enhanced value to your project and users.

NFT Integrations

Power unique user experiences by unlocking the exciting world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). We seamlessly integrate with leading NFT marketplaces (like OpenSea) and handle the complexities of NFT development and integration, empowering your users to buy, sell, and showcase their digital assets.

Whether it's groundbreaking in-game items, digital art, or novel use cases, embrace the potential of NFTs to deliver value and drive engagement directly within your application.

Staking & Restaking

Expand your ecosystem with crypto staking integrations that put your users' assets to work. We'll seamlessly implement staking solutions by connecting your platform to established Proof-of-Stake blockchains, protocols and incentive programs. Our focus extends beyond basic staking – we'll help you identify lucrative restaking opportunities to compound rewards, further optimising the earning potential within your application. Unlock the power of staking yield and deliver added value to your users.

+ Many more

Crypto’s relentless, constantly growing and evolving.

Teams around the globe continue to solve the internet’s most complex problems.

Each problem solved adds a new brick to the DeFi money legos stack, empowering innovators to build higher, faster, stronger.


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