We leverage robust open-source software, industry partners and robust infrastructure to build and deploy custom blockchains for startups, organisations and enterprise.


Blockchain development involves creating decentralised and tamper-resistant digital ledgers using cryptographic techniques to secure and verify transactions.

At Labrys, we are more than just a blockchain development agency.

Our mission is to be part of ushering in a new era for business, innovation, technology and global systems for all, where blockchain is the cornerstone of a better and more equitable future.

We are the largest Web3 consulting agency and blockchain developers in Australia. We know that blockchain is a revolutionary force reshaping industries and the way businesses operate. The Web3 movement recognises that the financial, governance and informational systems of today are inefficient, limited by the technologies of the time they were built and do not serve the interests of their users. 


Web3 is a vision for a new, better internet that relies on the inherent security and transparency of blockchain.

In the education sector, blockchain can help verify academic credentials and certifications, reducing fraud. In music and art industries, blockchain can empower artists and content creators by enabling transparent, automatic royalty payments and providing a permanent record of the artwork’s provenance and ownership. In healthcare, blockchain can enhance the security and interoperability of electronic health records by storing patient data in a decentralised and encrypted way. In supply chain, international trade and logistics, blockchain has the potential to provide better scaling and tracking solutions.

Accessing this potential requires expertise, dedication and a deep understanding of the intricacies and constant changes to the Web3 landscape. This is where Labrys comes in. Based in Australia, we believe in upskilling the local workforce and we build all of our software in-house from our Brisbane office rather than outsourcing our work overseas. We have more onshore Australian engineers than our competitors and are committed to supporting the local blockchain industry.


Our Web3 development agency is made up of a crypto-native team, with extensive experience in blockchain app development, NFT development and crypto development. Our expertise as blockchain developers means whether you need to implement smart contracts or want to integrate blockchain into your existing systems, we’ve got you covered.

Working with Labrys means you get access to an experienced team including protocol stakers, project managers, liquidity provisioners, NFT minters, DAO contributors, Web3 business analysts, UI/UX designers, solution architects, blockchain engineers and full stack engineers.


We are more than a service provider – we are your dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of blockchain. We’ve been at the forefront of the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape since 2017, so we can ensure that your project benefits from the latest advancements.

In a world where decentralisation is on the horizon, you need a specialised Web3 development agency to guide your blockchain development journey. Speak to Labrys about your blockchain project today.

Layer 2 Blockchain Development

Empower your blockchain applications with maximum scalability and efficiency through deploying your own blockchain using our expert blockchain Layer 2 development services. At Labrys, we’re able to deploy new Layer 2 blockchains using cutting-edge technologies built by industry giants, including Optimism, Arbitrum, SKALE, Cosmos, Celestia and more. Elevate your project's performance by reducing transaction costs and increasing throughput.

Leveraging Layer 2 rollups reduce transaction fees while maintaining compatibility with (and inheriting the security of) Ethereum's mainnet. Choose Labrys for a tailored approach to Layer 2 development that aligns with your unique project requirements.

Appchain / Layer 3 Blockchain Development

Harness the power of appchains for scalable, customisable, and application-specific blockchain experiences. We specialise in architecting and deploying appchains, leveraging solutions like Arbitrum Orbit Chains, Optimisms OP Stack, SKALE and other Layer 3 technologies. We can guide you through using Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) solutions, or build from the ground up.

Experience the advantages of tailored performance, reduced fees, and greater control without sacrificing the security guarantees of underlying blockchains. Whether you're aiming for high-throughput gaming, enterprise-grade solutions, or bespoke decentralised applications, let's create your ideal appchain environment.

Private Enterprise Blockchain Development

Reimagine business processes with the power of private, permissioned blockchains. We understand the distinct requirements of enterprise use cases. From optimising supply chain visibility to enabling secure multi-party transactions, we deliver enterprise blockchain development solutions that streamline operations, drive efficiency, and foster trust.

Whether you're exploring private Ethereum networks or alternative platforms, we'll architect the ideal blockchain infrastructure for your business goals.

Public Enterprise Blockchain Development

Leverage the strengths of public blockchain networks for unmatched security and data availability, increased audibility, and enhanced transparency. Our expertise in public enterprise blockchain development helps you harness the immutability and security of decentralised consensus models, while integrating crypto payments, enabling tokenisation, and building open-source permissionless ecosystems.

Whether you're pursuing innovative governance models, public record-keeping, or exploring new monetisation strategies, we'll architect transformative solutions on robust public blockchains.


Drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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