Labrys Turns 6

Labrys celebrated its 6th anniversary with optimism, reflecting on its resilience through market challenges, steady revenue growth, and a fun team-building event, including the Labrys Infinity Saga NFT treasure hunt.



Last Friday 29th of September, we celebrated our 6th anniversary and it was a fantastic opportunity for the team to reflect on Labrys’ beginnings and also get excited about the future.

During his address, Lachlan Feeney, our CEO, shared some insights on historical company performance, the remarkable correlation between inbound leads and crypto market cycles, and how Labrys is positioning itself for the next phase of growth.

While we cannot reveal our secret sauce, we are extremely proud of not only having persevered through two long bear markets, but being fortunate enough to grow our revenue during the last 2 years, all in an industry that suffered a significant number of collapsed businesses, bankruptcy filings, budget cuts and lay-offs. We like to think of this as a testament to the team’s hard work and our commitment to delivering awesome web3 products and keeping client satisfaction as a top priority.

After Lachlan’s presentation, we knocked off early and headed to New Farm Park to enjoy drinks, snacks and games on a sunny Brisbane afternoon.

Labrys Infinity Saga

The highlight of the afternoon was the Labrys Infinity Saga, an NFT treasure hunt organised by our Product Lead, James, where teams of 3 raced to find and mint six Infinity Stone NFTs hidden around the park.

The Reality Stone was well-hidden in the rose gardens.

The first team to find and mint all six stones NFTs had to then burn them to obtain The Infinity Labrys, a commemorative NFT that grants the winning team bragging rights for the next 12 months (plus a bonus gift card prize).

Seb, Emilio and captain Dan – winners of the Labrys Infinity Saga

The contracts were deployed on Base via the incredible Manifold (a no-code solution for deploying and minting NFTs). The mechanism for combining the stones to craft the Infinity Labrys makes use of Manifold’s Burn-Redeem app. Check it out here.

All in all, a great day of celebrations and team-building that left everyone excited for the future of both the company and our industry. Six years building blockchain-enabled products feels like decades if we compare to other industries, which makes us extremely proud and motivated to keep thriving.

We’d like to thank our past and present clients as well as our hard-working and dedicated staff of developers, PMs, BAs, and across our Sales, Legal and HR departments.

Upwards and onwards! 🚀


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